The Wellness Librarian predicts that the contraceptive mentality as a cultural “given” will vanish, much the way smoke dissolves from sight. Perhaps future generations will call contraception an anachronism from the 20th century—that century that promised utopia and bestowed instead genocide in its various forms and locations. We know that population control is still being enforced by some governments today, but oddly enough the so-called population explosion is pretty much “last century” – or even “past centuries” (read, Malthus). As we improve the stewardship of planet earth, the Wellness Librarian urges all people of good will to desire a climate change from contra-ception to pro-conception, a life-promoting mentality from start to finish (for the sake of planet earth and all its inhabitants).


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Contraception: Its Cost to a Culture

If you’re younger than, let’s say, 40 years of age, all you pretty much know is a contracepting culture. You are heirs to the “sexual revolution” inaugurated in the 1960s.

Maybe there are lots of people who would say it has been a success.

But then again…it could be argued that it has ushered in a:

  • General lowering of moral standards
  • Rise in infidelity and illegitimacy
  • Reduction of women to objects
  • Government coercion in reproductive matters

Who predicted all of the above?If you said Pope Paul VI, you would be right. In the encyclical Humanae Vitae, which he wrote in 1968, he outlined the consequences of instituting a “contraceptive mentality” in a culture.

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Karen Malec

A lot of people are probably unaware of the work of this champion (deceased) of open access to information. Specifically, it was information—or the lack of information—about the abortion/breast cancer link (ABC) that activated Karen Malec to challenge certain medical and governmental authorities about their withholding of scientific evidence.

At least as early as the 1990s, it was known that increased access to abortion was related to the rise in breast cancers and that hormonal birth control can cause cancer. But the information has, over the years, been denied to the public.

The birth control pill is a Group One Carcinogen as listed by the International Agency on Research of Cancer (IARC), an arm of the United Nations. As for the “ABC” link, now even research papers from Asia reveal the  link but at the same time they minimize the seriousness of the problem: millions of Asian women procure abortions and a breast cancer epidemic is raging.

Not only was Karen a victim of colon cancer as a young mother, she later succumbed to ovarian cancer and died this past May.

From the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute Report, October 2015.  Visit the BCPI website at

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Finding Farm-Fresh Foods in Your Area

To find farm-fresh foods, go to the following:

Weston Price Foundation 

Local Harvest 

Farmers’ Markets

Eat Well Guide: Wholesome Food from Healthy Animals 

Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA)


(List is courtesy of

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October is Health Literacy Month

The theme for Health Literacy Month, October 2015, is “Be a Health Literacy Hero.”

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine says, “It’s about taking action and finding ways to improve health communication. Health Literacy Heroes are individuals, teams, or organizations who not only identify health literacy problems but also act to solve them.”

Recognize someone you consider a Health Literacy Hero. Click here for more information, and find tools to help you:

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Another Approach – Civil Rights


This is a peaceful, non-violent civil action. Our goal is to respectfully move members of the Judiciary, over 800 Judges who serve the public in 90 Federal Courts, to do their duty to the conceived and the born of our nation: define who “We the people” are. No Federal Court, even though they have the power, has ever defined either the born or the conceived as “persons”. Our effort is similar to the four Black Students who walked into the segregated restaurants in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1960 and sat down in the “whites only” section.  Presently, the Courts are judging and applying the law to two sets of people: “fetuses” and the “born”, similar to the “whites only” and the “coloreds” sections of the restaurants. The Courts have become the restaurants and are in violation of the Constitution.  We are all “created equal”. Therefore, we have a right to petition the Courts directly under the First Amendment.

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Another Organization Takes On the Establishment

According to the National Personhood Alliance (NPA), “Personhood is the cultural and legal recognition of the equal and unalienable rights of human beings.” An umbrella group of several organizations, the NPA exists to promote this concept ( Its website gives a multitude of worldviews current today as well as definitions, resources, and web links.

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