Skin Health: An Inside Job


There’s a common saying that “Good health begins in the colon.” The fact that good digestion is the foundation of good health is gradually becoming better understood.

Digestive disorders are still widespread, affecting people negatively and, sometimes, fatally. But millions of people suffering from digestive disorders are becoming better educated about alternatives to the common recommendations given by health-care providers.

Without proper elimination of waste products, there can be serious repercussions to our health. The health and proper functioning of the colon are very important to proper elimination. Attaining and maintaining good colon health should be straightforward:

· Eat a high-fiber diet.
· Drink plenty of water.
· Get plenty of exercise.

For some people, these three easy steps are not enough to encourage frequent elimination. The result is that toxic waste matter and harmful bacteria that survive on human waste can get stuck in the folds and crevices of the bowel. Colon cleansing can help to encourage frequent evacuation, eliminating toxic waste matter and harmful bacteria.

Fortunately, many digestive disorders can be calmed with the use of nutritional supplements.

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