Petroleum Woes

A recent chat with a Saturn automobile salesman in Corpus Christi, Texas, opened my eyes to a fact about petroleum ingredients. He said that petroleum products should not be used to clean the interior of a car! Any product that is derived from petroleum, such as mineral oil, will clog the pores of the leather or vinyl of the dashboard or seats inside an automobile, and will cause it to crack.

Then I fished out the owner’s manual from the glove compartment of my car, and sure enough, it advises using warm water to clean vinyl or leather. So, if mineral oil and other petroleum derivatives are not to be used to clean a car, why in the world would we put them on our faces?

Another interesting note: talking about disposing of used engine oil after an oil change, the manual warns that “used oil can present a serious problem for the environment. Used engine oil contains harmful contaminants that have caused skin cancer in laboratory animals. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Clean skin and nails thoroughly using soap and water, not mineral oil, fuels, or solvents. Launder or discard clothing, shoes, or rags containing used engine oil.”

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