Ever-Present Pressure

Do You Have High Blood Pressure? Many Americans don’t know that they have high blood pressure. Get yours checked today free at almost any grocery store in America.

Here are some high blood pressure statistics from the American Heart Association (AHA): High blood pressure (hypertension) killed 44,619 Americans in 2000 and contributed to the deaths of about 118,000. As many as 50 million Americans age 6 and older have high blood pressure. One in five Americans (and one in four adults) has high blood pressure. Of those people with high blood pressure, 31.6 percent don’t know they have it. Of all people with high blood pressure, 14.8 percent aren’t on therapy (special diet or drugs), 26.2 percent are on inadequate therapy, and 27.4 percent are on adequate therapy. The cause of 90–95 percent of the cases of high blood pressure isn’t known; however, high blood pressure is easily detected and usually controllable.

High blood pressure affects more than one out of every three African-Americans.

Following AHA guidelines, Rosie Garza, R.N., and other nurses in Corpus Christi, Texas, urge people who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure to take a brisk 30-minute walk three times a week and limit salt intake. Thanks, Rosie!

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