More About Beef

Are there any nutritional benefits with meat from grass-fed animals?

Beef from grass-fed cattle is lower in total fat and calories and is richer in antioxidant vitamins. It has a balance of good fatty acids. These “essential fatty acids” are known as Omega-3 and Omega-6 and have been shown to help prevent heart disease, cancer, bipolar/manic depression, and certain skin conditions and allergies.

What cattle eat can make a difference in the percentage of fat in the meat, and it can also make a difference in the flavor.  Generally, grass-fed cattle are allowed to roam freely rather than be confined to a limited area. Confinement feeding is very unnatural for beef cattle and the added stress can affect the overall tenderness and taste of the meat.

The best way to find out if meat is grass-fed is to ask the store’s butcher. In a huge supermarket meat may be offered fresh out of the meat case, prepackaged, and/or packaged on site by the store’s own butchers; therefore this information may not be readily available. However, prepackaged meat usually is a “branded product,” and a website address should appear on the label. These meat companies are proud to display their product information and details about its production. If you trade with a small meat market, the butcher knows the source of his meat products and should be able to provide information.

You have the right to know where and how the food you eat is produced. The more this information is demanded by the consumer, the more producers, manufacturers, and government agencies can be held accountable for being responsible for the public good.

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