For Your Nontoxic Reading Pleasure

Is There a Safe Level of Exposure to a Carcinogen? By Hrudey, Steve E. and Krewski, Daniel in Environmental Science and Technology, vol. 29, no. 8, pp.370A-375A, Aug. 1995.
Summary: This article, although published 15 years ago, presents a baseline approach to estimating the “safe” levels of low-dose exposure to carcinogens that involves working upward from the smallest conceivable chronic dose instead of extrapolating downward from high exposures. Discusses expert and public opinion and other issues related to quantitative cancer risk assessment.

Investigating Environmental Health Issues, by Lowenthal, Debbie in Clearing, No. 107, pp.14-17, Fall 2000.
Summary: This article, another older yet important one, discusses environmental hazards, the problems of misinformation and contradictory information, and the problems for children in sorting out fact from hearsay. Includes tips for protecting children from environmental hazards and describes a program at the University of Washington that develops curriculum materials and other teacher resources.



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