Water Conservation, Too?

Water conservation can be a hard sell, even in a drought. Water can seem so plentiful. But water conservation is a habit we should embrace, no matter where we live or at what level the reservoirs are!

Here are some great tips* for conserving:

1.   Take quick showers (under five minutes).

2.   Use a broom (not a hose) to clean driveways.

3.   Chill out (keep drinking water in the refrigerator).

4.   Slow the flow (install a water-saving showerhead).

5.   Load it up (wash only full loads of dishes and clothes).

6.   Go xeriscape (select water-wise plants).

7.   Keep off the sidewalk (water your lawn, not the pavement!).

8.   Mulch and save (minimize evaporation with the use of mulch).

9.   Use shower power (a bucket in the shower can save water for cleanups around the

10.  Fix your leaks (a pinhole leak wastes up to 170 gallons a day).

11.  Save the rain (store it for garden watering).

12.  Insulate hot water heaters and pipes to save water and energy.
*Adapted from publications of the Water Department, Corpus Christi, Texas

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