Other Ingredients to Note

Specially denatured alcohol (or SD alcohol) is ethyl alcohol to which substances are added that make it poisonous or dangerous to consume. SD alcohol is drying to the skin and can cause it to produce excessive oil.

Artificial dyes and fragrances can be irritating to the skin and do nothing to nourish it. Sodium tallowate is rendered animal fat, which can contain hormone-altering chemicals.

Collagen and lanolin are animal products that can contain hormone-altering chemicals, clog pores, or cause allergic reactions.

Detergents in soap can strip the skin of its protective acid mantle.

None of these substances is the correct pH for the skin. All of them have the potential to upset natural hormone balance as possible hormone disruptors in the human body.  Introducing these chemicals into our bodies is money wasted and health endangered.  Be cautious when a manufacturer claims his product is “natural,” and make sure that the item is truly botanically based—not chemically based with a few “natural” ingredients thrown in, and with high levels of preservatives.


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