Skin Health

As we get older, we experience changes with our hormones that can accelerate the aging process and create additional challenges. Keep in mind that your skin is your largest organ and is a permeable membrane! Furthermore, your skin health, hormone balance, and overall health are all linked. Our skin, and indeed our whole body, is bombarded with chemicals every day, some of which can disrupt our hormone balance. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls these chemicals “endocrine disruptors.” They can act like estrogen in our systems, and we know that too much estrogen can lead to cell multiplication, which can lead to cancer.

There are several ingredients in U.S. cosmetics that are counterproductive to your skin. Many of the products contain petrochemicals, such as mineral oil or propylene glycol, or animal products and byproducts that contain hormone-altering chemicals. Some of them actually interfere with our skin’s natural functions. Most of them are inexpensive for manufacturers to obtain and use and therefore their low cost could explain why they are so widespread in the industry. The key here is that small amounts of these chemicals build up in the body over a long time.

So what can we do?


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