Once Again, Is It a Cold or the Flu?


Fever: Rare in adults and older children, but can be as high as 102 degrees in infants and small children

Headache:  Rare

Muscle aches:   Mild

Tiredness and weakness:  Mild

Extreme exhaustion:   Never

Runny nose:  Often

Sneezing:   Often

Sore throat:  Often

Cough:  Mild hacking cough



Fever:  Usually 102 degrees, but can go up to 104 degrees and usually lasts three to four days

Headache:  Sudden onset and can be severe

Muscle aches:  Usual, and often severe

Tiredness and weakness:   Can last two or more weeks

Extreme exhaustion:   Sudden onset and can be severe

Runny nose:   Sometimes

Sneezing      Sometimes

Sore throat   Sometimes

Cough:  Usual, and can become severe


For more information, visit the Centers for Disease Control (http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/coldflu.htm).

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