Rise in Young Women’s Breast Cancer Rates

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute analyzes research in a way the mass media can’t–or won’t–do. In its latest report (April 2013), the Institute zeroes in on the fact that this past February NBC News reported the results of a breast cancer study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The study showed that breast cancer rates had almost doubled in the past 34 years, or almost 90% more in women between 20 and 39 years old. The cancers cited were invasive and had already spread outside of the breast, meaning that they were life threatening.

But interestingly, according to the Institute, the NBC reporter failed to mention that “non-invasive breast cancer, in-situ cancers, had risen by 300% [in women under 50] since 1975 according to the SEER data collected by the National Cancer Institute. In-situ cancers are treated with mastectomy or partial mastectomy with radiation and at least 5 years of hormonal therapy. In-situ cancers progress into invasive cancers if not treated.”

There is a large class of hormonal contraceptives, classified as Group I carcinogens, that unfortunately end up not only as environmental toxins in our water systems, but also result in more women succumbing to breast cancer.

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