Nutrition NO-NOs

It may be hip to sip a frappuccino on the go (“Beverly Hills Breakfast”), but skipping the most important meal of the day is a poor idea. Having breakfast increases your metabolism by as much as eight percent, and gets your body burning calories. Choose fortified cereal or a refreshing meal replacement shake.

When it comes to eating well, quickie marts and vending machines are not your friends. Rarely do they offer smart selections like nutrition bars, raisins, apples, pretzels, yogurt, or ready-to-eat veggies. Avoid temptation by keeping healthy snacks on hand. 

How about a salad and soda lunch? This menu selection may feature vegetables, but it lacks the low fat (most salad dressings are notoriously high in fat) and high protein you need in order to keep your energy level up throughout the day.

Sitting down to a nice, quiet meal is a luxury for many people. Consequently, we eat too much, too fast, and don’t even realize it. Slow down — and eat and enjoy your food.

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