From Other Countries: Lots of Studies on the “ABC Link”

More countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, to name a few) are studying the risks of higher rates of breast cancer due to abortions. Results are starting to emerge from recent studies in Turkey, Armenia, Iran, and Kazakhstan, too (BCPI Report, October 2014).

And from China comes a systematic review and meta-analysis of the abortion breast cancer link that was published in the February 2014 issue of the international journal Cancer Causes and Control (as reported in the October 2014 BCPI Report, published by the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute).

Joel Brind, PhD, puts everything in perspective when he observes that “It’s simple to ballpark the ultimate effects of such an exposure as abortion on a population of over a billion women in India and China alone: just a one percent increase of that number of women is 10 million cases of breast cancer” (BCPI Report, October 2014).

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