And From India and Japan, More ABC Studies and Statistics

1. From India…

2. And Finally, A Word About Japan
Japan’s population is shrinking and she desperately needs more people. The total fertility rate is 1.4 children born per woman (according to the CIA World Factbook estimate of June 2014). Without grandchildren and great grandchildren in their lives, who will be near them when the elderly simply need a helping hand to cross the street? The replacement level for any country is 2.1. The fact is, only because of the presence of foreigners, such as the Filipinos, is Japan braving its demographic winter. The outlook for the future does not look bright.
Based on Human Life International’s Mission Report, No. 355, October 2014.

Other articles of interest:
“Japan’s Demography: The Incredible Shrinking Country,” The Economist, March 25, 2014,

“Japan Population 2014,” World Population Review, October 19, 2014,

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