A Runge, Texas farmer has found a way to accomplish good soil husbandry at the same time as providing food for his cattle and his family. Zack Yanta plants a single cover crop, a mixture of the Daikon radish and triticale. Radishes penetrate and loosen the soil, and triticale holds the soil in so it doesn’t blow away. Then, Yanta lets his cattle graze and “harvest” the crop. They walk all over a pasture and by pushing the radishes they don’t eat into the ground and leaving manure everywhere, the cattle do a nice job of fertilizing the soil. The uneaten radishes leave behind a lot of carbon and nitrogen, thus also strengthening the soil. Moreover, the holes they leave in the ground help prevent soil erosion. And the leftover organic matter on the top of the soil makes a great feast for microbes. The final bonus is that Yanta’s family loves to eat the Daikon radishes, saying they taste really good.  Source: Texas Agriculture, March 6, 2015.

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