Another Approach – Civil Rights


This is a peaceful, non-violent civil action. Our goal is to respectfully move members of the Judiciary, over 800 Judges who serve the public in 90 Federal Courts, to do their duty to the conceived and the born of our nation: define who “We the people” are. No Federal Court, even though they have the power, has ever defined either the born or the conceived as “persons”. Our effort is similar to the four Black Students who walked into the segregated restaurants in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1960 and sat down in the “whites only” section.  Presently, the Courts are judging and applying the law to two sets of people: “fetuses” and the “born”, similar to the “whites only” and the “coloreds” sections of the restaurants. The Courts have become the restaurants and are in violation of the Constitution.  We are all “created equal”. Therefore, we have a right to petition the Courts directly under the First Amendment.

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